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I want you to feel right at home here, so kick off your heels, pour yourself a cup of tea (or your fave drink) and nestle in. You’re beautiful mess is welcome here.

I’m Chloe! Founder of Soul & Sparkle, coach, blogger, speaker, but I prefer the title of best friend or big-sister most. I LOVE helping girls like you live from a place of confidence & worth, so you can start living the life you were destined for and become the best possible version of you.


“It is my passion to mentor & inspire teen girls to know their true worth & live with a deep sense of purpose, strength and joy.   


I understand the struggle. Being a young woman is HARD WORK sometimes. Whether it’s deciding on a future career, finding the right friends, setting goals to travel or simply figuring out what to eat for dinner; in the midst of all these life-decisions there is often something we start searching for: Purpose. Worth. Identity. Belonging. Courage. Fun.

A few years ago, I was that girl searching for all things lovely. My life was a serious hot mess. This boy-crazed, self-loathing, broken-down girl had no dreams, no vision, no future. To even say I had hope was far-reaching. Thankfully, I had an encounter with the truth which forever changed the way I see myself and my future, and I have never looked back. Now my mission is to share this love & truth with as many girls who’ll let me. 

(Want to know more about me & my story? Click here.)

So here you can expect to find honest conversations, wholehearted advice and of course, a little sparkle. 😉  All of us are on a crazy-wild adventure, and I think it’s about time we started sharing it together. 


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Chloe Somerfield is the Founder of Soul & Sparkle. She is a certified Life Coach, speaker & mentor for teen girls but prefers the title of best friend or big sister most. Through her blog, coaching, speaking + events, Chloe inspires young women to know their worth, live with purpose and sparkle along the way.