H E L L O  L O V E L Y,


Welcome to my digital home!

I want you to feel right at home here, so kick off your heels, pour yourself a cup of tea (or your fave drink) and nestle in. You’re beautiful mess is welcome here.

I’m Chloe! Founder of Soul & Sparkle, coach, blogger, speaker, but I prefer the title of best friend or big-sister most. I LOVE helping girls like you live from a place of confidence & worth, so you can start living the life you were destined for and become the best possible version of you.


“It is my passion to help you navigate your year’s as a twenty-something woman with purpose, confidence & fun.”  


I understand the struggle. Being a young woman is HARD WORK sometimes. Whether it’s deciding on a future career, building meaningful relationships, setting goals to travel or simply figuring out what to eat for dinner; in the midst of all these life-decisions there is often something we start searching for: Purpose. Worth. Identity. Belonging. Courage. Fun.

A few years ago, I was that girl searching for all things lovely. My life was a serious hot mess. This boy-crazed, self-loathing, broken-down girl had no dreams, no vision, no future. To even say I had hope was far-reaching. Thankfully, I had an encounter with the God of Love which forever changed the way I see myself and my future, and I have never looked back. Now my mission is to share this love & truth with as many girls who’ll let me. 

(Want to know more about me & my story? Click here.)

So here you can expect to find honest conversations, wholehearted advice and of course, a little sparkle. 😉  All of us are on a crazy-wild adventure, and I think it’s about time we started sharing it together. 


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If you’re still reading then I take that you’d like to become friends. Yay! Let’s get more acquainted shall we?

These are a few of my favourite things below that are near & dear to my heart. I want to get to know you too, so don’t be shy introducing yourself!



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Chloe Somerfield is the Founder of Soul & Sparkle – an online hub of inspiration and empowerment for the everyday young women. She is a certified Life Coach, blogger, speaker  but prefers the title of best friend or big sister most. Through her blog community, coaching, speaking + events, Chloe inspires young women to live with fun and intention, while overcoming their fears and kicking insecurity in the butt! 
Together, with Chloe’s guidance, they discover their true worth, learn how to walk with greater confidence and have hope for their future.